Speaker Topics

I want to speak to your organization!

I would love to come to your organization and speak on autism topics to share my experiences, successes and how to overcome problems unique to autism and educate as to how to interact with people on the autism spectrum. I have spoken at school board meetings, local, national and international meetings on autism topics.

Advantages of Autism; Make it Your Super Power.

How to get to know your autism and use it to your advantage. It is very important that you know

yourself as best you can and that applies even more so for people with autism!!

Overcoming unfairness, depression and adversity.

Suggestions on how people with autism can handle and beat unfairness, depression, and adversity!!

People with autism sadly a lot of the time get the very short end of the stick on many different fronts.

I can share with you how I dealt with and overcame this huge and major hurdle!!

Identifying your strengths and finding out how to use to best advantage

Everyone has things that they are good at and are better at than other things. However, it is very hard to both figure out what your skills are and use them in this day and age. I can help you with this!!

How to be self-motivated.

Often people constantly require pep talks and encouragement and look to others for that external motivation. They rely on others for encouragement rather than looking within themselves. I can offer advice on how to look within yourself to help yourself.

How and when to use positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is a foundation and building block for helping people with disabilities.

I will share with you, from my own experience, the best practices for utilizing this method!! 

Anti bullying.

Bullying is becoming more and more prevalent and has gotten out of control!! I have had more

than my fair share of being bullied. I took that pain and frustration and decided to use it to

help other victims of bullying!!

This is just a few of the topics I have to offer. Your suggestions for topics are welcome. If you would like more information or discuss my speaking at your organization, please complete the registration form and I will contact you.

Also, please see my Videos to see me “in action” speaking to various organizations.

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