My name is Sean Sullivan. I have autism.

Thank you for stopping by my website. I am a self-advocate and a member of the Statewide Self Advocacy Network, part of the State Council on Developmental Disabilities as the Orange County, California, representative.

My mission is to help other people with autism. I want to inspire people. I want to provide personal support to parents with a newly diagnosed child or help the child learn how to live with autism. I want to help parents and children take advantage of supports available to them. I want to help educate the public through speaking opportunities on various topics to help parents, teachers, police officers, and everybody understand people with autism and how they should interact with them. I want to participate with autism organizations and university studies to advance the opportunities available for individuals with autism.
My activities and experience give me a special, unique ability to help others. In fact, I have referred to autism as my super power.

Please look at the links, buttons and abs on my website for my podcasts, Interviews, public speaking events, educational videos, and more information about the non-profit charitable foundation I established “I Know Austism Foundation”.

Again, thank you for visiting my website. I really hope you are fascinated, entertained, and educated after seeing my site and hope that you learn new and cool things by clicking on all of the tabs and links to discover all the information iknowautism.org has to offer!

I welcome your support and would love to talk with you.


Sean Sullivan –
Executive Director & Founder

IKnowAutism.org Foundation
Serving people who are blessed with disabilities

Direct line (949) 230-7284
e-mail: SeanIknowAutism@gmail.com

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